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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Online Nursing Education Instructor (Contract)


Online Nursing Educator (Contract):

We are looking for talented, passionate educators to help us create free online college courses that help millions of students break down barriers to higher education.

Remilon LLC's flagship website,, has over 140 courses, consisting of over 7,000 published lessons, and is growing quickly. Our courses cover a full range of academic subjects, including math, science, history, English, psychology, and business. Best of all, our courses are free and lead to real college credit.

Each course is made up of bite-sized video lessons (each 5-10 minutes long) that cover a single concept. Courses are designed to prepare students to earn real college credit through credit-granting exams, such as the College Board's CLEP exams. Our lessons are also widely used by instructors to:

  • Supplement classroom instruction

  • Replace costly textbooks

  • Engage reluctant learners

  • Flip the classroom

We also have text-only lessons, which are supplemental resources that use relatable instruction to teach granular concepts. Your lessons will reach millions of students and teachers and help make educational accessible to learners around the world.

Read more about our solution to making education accessible through free online courses.

About the Online Nursing Educator (Contract) position:

We are looking for instructors to create video lessons. You should have an engaging, relatable teaching style and be able to make difficult concepts seem easy. We are looking for subject matter experts with teaching experience.

This is a telecommuting contract position, and instructors can work on their own schedules. The job is ideal for adjunct professors, high school teachers, and professionals working part-time for secondary and post-secondary institutions.

We are particularly seeking instructors for courses in business, accounting, economics, statistics, physics, nursing education, instructional technology, and literature.

To apply, submit a writing sample in your area of expertise that teaches a concept in under 300 words.


Instructors start on text-only lessons and then are moved up to video after an orientation period.

Text instructors deliver:

  • Lesson text

  • Quiz questions

  • Visual aids

Video Instructors Deliver:

  • Lesson text

  • Quiz questions

  • Lesson images

  • Video storyboard

  • Audio recordings

Example Lessons

Please read or watch the following lessons before recording to see if your teaching style is a good fit for our format.

Tex-Only Lessons:

Video Lessons:

See our full list of lessons for additional examples of our style and format.


  • Master's degree or higher

  • Hands-on experience with post-secondary or secondary teaching

  • Ability to write a minimum of ten lessons per month

  • Ability to make abstract topics engaging and concrete

  • Ability to follow guidelines and respond to constructive feedback

  • Passionate about making education accessible and educating under-served groups

  • Eligibility to work in the US without sponsorship


  • $40 per completed text lesson

  • $125 per completed video lesson

Payment issued twice per month

Why teach for Education Portal?

  • Help make education accessible to people who need it

  • See results of your work in days, not years

  • Have your work impact 5+ million web visitors each month

  • Work with other talented and passionate instructors

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