Tuesday, August 20, 2013

How The iWatch Will Transform HealthCare

Apple has been developing and will soon unveil an "iWatch" sometime in 2014. When it does, it will transform the concept and practice of health care.

The iWatch will be used by millions to monitor their day-to-day health and improve their lives in countless other ways. Areas like sports medicine and athletic training will benefit as well.

I really don’t think many people realize just how much of a game-changer this will be. The iWatch will not just make measuring your heart rate easier; it will change the way society thinks about health and wellness, much like the way the previous

Apple devices have changed the way we think about technology and its role in our lives. Health will be more of a priority in iOS users’ minds. People will be more mindful of things they may not have pondered much before; how many calories they’ve burned, their resting heart rate and amount of exercise. The integration of biometric data into the iOS ecosystem will do wonders for health care, both in and out of hospitals.

Like the Macintosh, iPod, and iPhone, it will be a watershed moment in the history of technology because it will be the first successful integration of technology and the human body in one device. The current skepticism expressed by some industry pundits over Apple’s seeming inability to innovate will vanish the moment it is unveiled. Apple’s mission is to build products that enrich people’s lives; the iWatch will go a long way to make those lives healthier.

by Shane Turner via NursingFacultyJobs.com