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Nursing Clinical Instructor Positions

Institution:Western Governors University
Location:Indianapolis, IN

  • Faculty - Medicine - Nursing

Type:Full Time

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The College of Health at Western Governors University contracts Clinical Instructors throughout the year in order to support the nursing program in the Indianapolis area. This posting was created in order for candidates to apply for these future contract positions. Please note that each application will be reviewed for fit, and moved to the appropriate job posting as warranted. A candidate's application may be held as long as 6 months.

For more details on the position, please see below:

Clinical Instructor (Contractor)

  • Ensure that Clinical Coaches have completed the WGU Clinical Coach Course of Study requirements at least one week prior to the anticipated clinical rotations.

  • Evaluate facilitys clinical computer system access to Pass-Port. If firewalls prevent access, the CI collaborates with appropriate IT personnel to obtain access to Pass-Port through clinical computers.

  • Evaluate clinical access to wireless internet and ability to access Pass-Port and Nursing Central via wireless.

  • Facilitate coach/student dyad scheduling by providing CCs schedules to the WGU scheduler. Communicate students schedules to CCs when received from WGU.

  • Collaborate with the WGU Course Mentor to confirm course content and expectations for the clinical intensive.

  • Communicate with the WGU Course Mentor and Clinical Faculty Coordinator to determine student strengths and areas requiring additional support in the clinical setting.

During Clinical Intensive:

  • Support the coach/student dyads in the clinical setting by providing support in day-to-day student development of competency.

  • Observe student-patient and student-coach interactions.

  • Discuss student progress with coach and student.

  • Interact with coach/student dyad at least twice face-to-face during the clinical intensive and be available by phone at all times during the students clinical intensive.

  • Review coaches Clinical Observation Forms of students and plan for input and guidance to facilitate students movement toward achieving the Key Behaviors during their clinical intensive.

  • Collaborate with the CC to prepare the final evaluation.

  • Review electronic student Field

  • Collaborate with WGU Course Mentor as needed to coordinate clinical learning with course of study and to discuss progression issues/concerns.

After Clinical Intensive:

  • Actively participate in the online post-conference discussion with students and the WGU Course Mentor in the Nursing Pre-licensure Program Community, challenging students to critically evaluate their experiences and synthesize clinical learning with didactic content from the course of study.

  • Evaluate student clinical post-conference discussion postings.

  • Submit electronic Clinical Evaluation Form and Recommendation indicating student progression or need for remediation

  • Participate in clinical intensive program evaluation through surveys and focus group participation as requested.

Job Location

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

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Contact:Western Governors University
Online App. Form: company_id=16417&version=1&jobid=1805&jobboardid=101

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